White cedar fence with aluminum molding

The Eastern white cedar fence

Eastern white cedar is an extremely durable material used in Quebec for hundreds of years.

From the perch fence surrounding the farmer's land of yesterday, white cedar has evolved a lot. Today, the eastern white cedar is popular and many people use it to fence off their yard. The white cedar fence blends perfectly with aluminum molding while respecting nature.

In addition to offering you complete privacy, you will be charmed by the warm atmosphere and the lovely smell that emerge from the cedar. Of a beautiful natural pale, white cedar can be dyed to marry any living environment. Moreover, the white cedar resists decay, mold and insects.

Easy to install, the planks are bladed v-joint of high quality for greater strength. All our privacy fences are available in a height of 4'-5 'or 6'. If you need special dimensions, we will be happy to manufacture them for you. It is also possible to add a single or double gate, if you wish. Our gates are very safe, and they are equipped with spring hinges and double-sided key lock.


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