Railing molding

Attachment bar

For our railings, we use an attachment bar to fix the railing to the post.

Half angle attachment bar

We have the solution if your railing requires a different angle.

Fixations pour les rampes

Fence bracket

Wall bracket

For your fence sections, we include wall bracket.

fixation droite

Swivel wall bracket

If you need to change the angle of your fence sections to work around an object or to respect the design of your layout, the swivel wall bracket will meet your needs.

fixation cloture angle horizontal fixation cloture angle horizontal

Vertical swivel wall bracket

Our fences are custom made and assembled according to the size and angles provided. We also offer the rackable section. You will be able to adjust the fence section at the desired angle using the vertical swivel wall bracket.

fixation cloture angle vertical fixation cloture angle vertical