Ornemental aluminum fence

Our ornamental aluminum fences are an excellent choice to secure your pool or delimit your back yard.

Ornamental aluminum fence models are an excellent choice to secure the perimeter around the pools and create an elegant look. Our ornamental aluminum fences are built from the same profiles of our aluminum railings. We are ensuring that there is no nicer way to install a fence and simultaneously balcony railing.

We offer our models of ornamental aluminum fences in a wide range of color. In addition to basic colors, white, black and commercial brown, our fences are also available in color: autumn brown, taupe, beige, silver and copper veined. One of these colors will blend in perfectly with your house exterior.

All ornamental aluminum fences are available in a height of 4'-5 'or 6'. If you need a special sizes, we will be happy to manufacture them for you. Our models of ornamental aluminum fences are available with bars of 5/8" X 5/8" or 3⁄4" x 1". If you want to add a single or double gate, we have the gate that fits with your model. Our gates are very safe, they are provided with spring hinges and key lock. For more security try the magnetic pool safety latch “Aqualatch“ for your pool access.

Our ornamental aluminum fences are maintenance free, easy installation, custom-made for you. They add elegance and unparalleled beauty to your home. Our models of ornamental aluminum fences provide security, beauty and strength. Nothing better for your safety. Our products meet high quality criteria and come with a 5 years warranty.

The ornamental aluminum fence adds the ultimate in durability and beauty.


Available colors

Our ornamental aluminum fence models

For our models C1000 – C2101 – C2201 – C 2301 - C4100 – C4200 – C4700 et C4701, we use bars of 5/8" X 5/8".

For our models C5000 – C5101 – C5201 – C 5301 – C5100 – C5200 – C5700 et C5701, we use bars of 3/4" X 1".

C1000 – C5000

C2101 – C5101

C2201 – C5201

C2301 – C5301

C4100 – C5100

C4200 – C5200

C4700 – C5700

C4701 – C5701


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