Privacy aluminum fence

The privacy aluminum fence models offer you peace and comfort in private.

Privacy aluminum fence is made entirely of aluminum. This fence ensures complete privacy and look out of the ordinary. Our privacies fences are constructed from the same profiles as some models of our aluminum railing. We are ensuring that there is no nicer way to install a fence and a balcony at the same time.

We offer our models of privacies aluminum fences in a wide range of color. In addition to basic colors, white, black, commercial brown, our privacies fences are also available in color automn brown, silver veins , copper veins, beige and taupe. One of these colors will blend in perfectly with your house exterior.

Our entire privacy aluminum fence are available in a height of 4'-5 'or 6'. If you need special sizes, we will be happy to manufacture them for you. No matter your model or color, it is also possible to add a single or double gate, if you wish. Our gates are very safe, they are provided with spring hinges and interlocking clip double sided key.

Our privacy fences are maintenance free, easy installation and custom-made for you. Our fences provide security, beauty and strength. Our products meet high quality criteria and come with a 5 years warranty.


Available colors : models C-8000, C-8001, C-8100, C-8101, C-8200

Available colors : model C-8400

If you wish to have a new fence, please contact us.

Our privacy aluminum fence models








Privacy door model C-8000 to C-8600

Please note that Clô Inc. will not be responsible for any damage done to all privacy doors, single or double, of the following models: C-8000; C-8001; C-8100; C-8200; C-8101; C-8400 and C-8600.

It is your responsibility to check that your door is properly closed and locked when special or extreme environmental conditions occur throughout the year (severe storm, wind, tornado or any other unsuitable condition).

Clô Inc. disclaims all liability for damage to the doors as listed above, no refund or exchange will be accepted and no warranty on damage caused by environmental conditions.